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Cathay Pacific is of no doubt the local brand for every HongKonger. To strengthen its image and position on social media, we have been providing comprehensive services to Cathay in creating digital campaigns and monitoring the community. Several well-loved video campaigns are launched throughout the years, prime examples include the CNY Reunion video targeting the homesick overseas working group, Christmas Makers dedicated to the airline devoted employee and Asian Games 2018 sponsoring all the passionate Hong Kong athletes. All campaigns deliver the essence of its service to the audience – heartfelt, professional and Hong Kong rooted. Apart from campaign collaboration, our social monitoring team also provides online monitoring service to Cathay, more than that, we are on call whenever in need of crisis handling, solving the conflicts between the brand and the public with expert opinions.
四個 christmasmakers 的動人故事

【四個 #christmasmakers 的動人故事】Four Moving #christmasmakers StoriesChristmas Makers送贈機票活動已經圓滿結束,感謝各位市民支持。歡渡佳節之餘,我們亦感激一眾無名的聖誕英雄,為大家送上快樂聖誕。在遴選過程中,我們細心閱讀每一個留言,特意挑選了4個別具意義的Christmas Makers故事與大家分享,希望在這寒冷的季節中,能令大家感受到絲絲暖意,亦在此衷心祝願每一位香港人有一個開心愉快的聖誕節。#christmasmakers #香港精神 #默默耕耘 #聖誕快樂 #誰認識這大人物 #聖誕燈飾因他更亮 #誰來景仰The Christmas Makers Campaign has come to an end. Thank you for all the overwhelming support! With only a few days left until Christmas (between the highly anticipated feasting and mulled wine gulping), we would love to send our sincere gratitude to the unsung Christmas makers. There were so many great stories to choose from and four in particular that we would love to share with everyone. We hope that these stories help bring you heartfelt warmth and happiness in this chilly holiday season. Merry Christmas to all Hong Kongers!

Cathay Pacific 國泰航空發佈於 2017年12月21日星期四
我們承載夢想 成就暖意團圓

【 我們承載 #夢想 成就暖意 #團圓 】We deliver the #dream of a warm #reunion拼搏、積極、求變是屬於每一位 #香港人 的 #獅子山精神。 Vincci 和 Henry 勇敢出走 #東京 發奮圓夢。故事的另一邊,卻牽引著在三千公里外默默支持和想念的父母。 3米3 串連你我,用一碗粥寄託對家和香港的惦掛。今個農曆新年,我們透過粥的溫度,化成香港人觸得到的暖意。感動之餘,記得為摰親送上窩心的關懷。What defines the #SpiritofHongKong? Hard work, the desire for progress, and drive. Vincci and Henry left #HongKong for #Tokyo as their parents stayed behind in silent support, longing for their return—three thousand kilometres away. With one bowl of congee, 3m3 cafe invokes memories of home. This Lunar New Year, we present to you the warmth of congee, and the comfort of home. During this time of togetherness, don't forget to show your loved ones how much you really care.

Cathay Pacific 國泰航空發佈於 2018年2月8日星期四
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