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The City University of Hong Kong is known as a dynamic university that promotes innovation and nurtures creativity. We have partnered with them since 2018 in Facebook retainer service and video campaign production. Unlike the traditional promotions done by other universities, we look to break through with CityU, connecting to the students from their youngsters’ mindsets. A series of videos are created from their first-person angles, telling stories that every teenager faces. This ground-breaking promotional strategy became a hot topic on Facebook and bought the spotlight to the City University in admissions peak. In order to further form an active community with the students, we also recruit them to join the admin team while guiding them to create social media content.

【城大人の科學】透明茶大揭秘 「城大人の」系列會帶大家走進學校唔同角落,認識城大不同學院及學系。第一集我哋會直擊城大科學及工程學院化學系嘅林漢華教授,帶領佢三位學生嘗試製作風靡一時嘅透明飲品,透過實驗了解咩係水蒸氣蒸餾法 (Steam distillation)。日本人成功整到透明奶茶,唔知林教授又可唔可以製作出透明烏龍茶、普洱同鐵觀音呢?今次林教授粉墨登場,係希望以更「貼地」嘅手法推廣化學,引發大家對化學嘅興趣。想知實驗成唔成功就記住留意條片喇!#須在專業人士指導下進行此實驗 #佢地試左兩次就成功 #透明鐵觀音最好飲 #原來讀chem可以好有趣 #城大科學及工程學院化學系 #城大人の科學 -----------------------------------------------CityU People Episode 1: The secret behind making transparent teaThe “CityU People” series transports you to different colleges and departments on campus. In the first episode, we visit Professor Michael Lam Hon-wah from the Department of Chemistry in the College of Science and Engineering.Professor Lam and three students conducted a transparent drinks experiment through which we can understand more about steam distillation. The Japanese have successfully produced a popular transparent milk tea. So will Professor Lam unravel the secrets behind producing transparent oolong, pu’er and Tieguanyin tea?Our special thanks to Professor Lam for participating in the production of this video. He said he hopes the short film will promote chemistry in a more “down-to-earth” way and arouse greater public interest in the subject. Watch the video now!

City University of Hong Kong 發佈於 2018年2月9日星期五

【城大人の人類觀察】「城大人の」系列嚟到第二集,會同大家講打機!有唔少人都會FF自己係遊戲機入面嘅主角,但過份投入嘅話,我地會唔會GG呢?!我地今集就做咗個「瘋狂打機96小時」嘅人類觀察,仲邀請咗人文社會科學院副院長、犯罪學系嘅黃成榮教授同我哋分析講解。一齊實測,去片啦!#打機輕鬆下好正常 #記得適可而止 #聲音畫面有冇問題 #城大人文社會科學院 #城大人の人類觀察----------【CityU people Episode 2: Human Observation】We usually imagine ourselves as the protagonists when we play electronic games, but what happens if we get too addicted?In the second episode of the “CityU People” series, we conduct a simulation to show what might happen if someone crazily plays violent video games for 96 hours.Professor Dennis Wong Sing-wing, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Professor of Criminology will explain the phenomenon. Check out the video now!

City University of Hong Kong 發佈於 2018年3月21日星期三

【城大の中心呼喚愛】「我的夢想,就是成就你的夢想。」每個人都有夢想,但因為一次意外,石田詠琳的夢想瞬間破滅。男主角木村創楠利用霧幕投影技術,把詠琳的夢想以影像實體化,呈現於觀眾眼前,感動全城。獨家預售:兩位城大學生領銜主演記得要多多支持 #城大浪漫呈獻 #新媒體藝術 #故事純屬虛構 --------------------------------------------------"My dream is to make your dream come true!"We all have dreams, but an accident shattered the one that Angel kept so close to her heart. Chong Nam has made use of fog screen projection technology to visualise what Angel most desired. It's a really moving story!

City University of Hong Kong 發佈於 2018年5月29日星期二
【城大人の擊退Free riders】

【城大人の擊退Free riders】讀U四年流流長,總會遇上一兩個(甚或更多)Free riders!做Project嗰陣,最忌係呢班付出最少就想得到最多,掠奪其他同學努力成果嘅Free riders。城大管理學系助理教授林澤富博士Chak Fu Lam活用佢嘅管理學理論,一於醒你哋三招,包保可以收服呢班 Free ride兵團!#誠實豆沙包 #人肉機關槍 #千手觀音 #城大 #商學院 #管理學系【CityU People Episode 4: The Battle against the Free Riders】You might have met a few free riders during your four years in the university! These kinds of students contribute nothing for group projects and instead benefit from the work of their more industrious groupmates. No worries! Dr. Lam Chak Fu Chak Fu Lam, Assistant Professor in CityU’s Department of Management, will show you how to deal with such people! #Cityu #CollegeofBusiness #DepartmentofManagement #freeriders

City University of Hong Kong 發佈於 2018年7月17日星期二
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