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Something goes wrong in your branded channels?

Hate comments are springing up on social media platforms.
The platforms have encountered a massive drop of followers.
People are talking negatively about your brand on forums.
Your brand always gets picked on due to a past issue.
There is an ongoing backlash against your brand.

How many Yes did you get?

Not encountering anything too damaging but…

Rumours can spread around online like wildfire any time, from anywhere. Stay ahead of potential problems, wipe out a brand attack before it gets started!



Beware of the situation.

Public discontent can spread among the social world in a matter of days. It’s time to prevent disaster from striking the brand.



Your company is in a full-blown crisis!

Take prompt action to alleviate the extent of the damage. Rebuilding reputation can be incredibly challenging, but it’s possible if you’ve got a seasoned PR team backing you up.



Where did

it all go wrong?


Perhaps it's

a matter of...

Public appeal for action


Feedback from the masses


Moral Perception


Media Review


Social Atmosphere


ePR is known as a digital PR service. Much like traditional PR service, it is crucial to building and protecting your brand’s reputation through the right online channels and manner.

Do not let fears of attack deter your brand from doing great on social media.

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