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HKU is seeking to step up its social media presence in recent years. We have worked with three departments to formulate social media promotion plans, including Nursing, Pharmacy, and Global Health Development. The video campaign of the Nursing School consists of 4 videos. Each features a student’s story and the curriculum helpers, nourishing the understanding towards the major. All video campaigns gather a crowd of passionate young audience who are inspired to apply for the schools. Significant growth of the enrolment numbers to the nursing major is also witnessed after the launch of the campaign, showing that the videos are a firm favourite of many students.

【十七歲,決定自己的路】十七歲準備讀大學,要選科、決定往後的路,怎樣才算準備好?或者,答案就在眼前...#HKUNursing #HKU#香港大學李嘉誠醫學院 #護理學院#留意片尾製作花絮#全港最先進模擬病人登場-----------------------------HKU School of Nursing

HKU School of Nursing 發佈於 2017年12月1日星期五

【護理.仁心】經常聽到人話「Practice makes perfect」(熟能生巧),不過對於讀護理嘅同學嚟講,Compassion(仁心)亦係不可或缺。事關一個出色嘅護理人員,除咗要有純熟嘅技巧,更重要係擁有一顆仁心,先能夠全面護理每個病人。唔明?我哋一齊睇吓幾位同學分享嘅例子啦!#HKUNursing #HKU#香港大學李嘉誠醫學院護理學院#有仁心才能護理人心#幫到人自己又開心-----------------------------Follow埋HKU School of Nursing嘅

HKU School of Nursing 發佈於 2018年6月26日星期二
【Make a difference】

【Make a difference】提起藥劑師這個職業,你會想到什麼?而藥劑師對社會的貢獻,你又知道多少?#HKUPharmacologyandPharmacy #HKU#香港大學李嘉誠醫學院#藥理及藥劑系-----------------------------HKU Pharmacy Instagram:

HKU Pharmacology and Pharmacy 發佈於 2018年7月9日星期一
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