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Social Media StrategyDefine your social media strategy and accomplish the ROI.
Platform StrategyOutline the role of each social media platforms and get the most of them.
KOL StrategyA comprehensive bespoke handbook to run your social media platforms.
Playbook & GuidelineSet a clear guideline and methodology of how to choose, use and collaborate with KOL.
Community ManagementFrom FAQ to CRM tone of voice; Take care of your potential customers increase brand advocacy.

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Concept CreationSketch your campaign concept from what you need to achieve.
Product LaunchSell the product to the customers’ hands ultimately.
ActivationIncrease the market share in the given time.
Project ManagementBring all the moving pieces into one seamless picture.
Project StuntBecome the talk of the town and most shared social media content.

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Social RetainerAdvocate your followers and reach your audiences in the humanize way.
Content PlanningPlan ahead to reduce last minutes rush.
KOL & Cross-promotionEngage influencers and brands to speak your stories.
Ad Placement & OptimisationSpread your content as far, as wide, and as deep as possible.
Reporting & AnalysisSummarise the results and dig out the useful insight for the future.

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Social SeedingCreate & develop supportive conversations in the right direction.
24/7 Crisis Monitoring & AlertClosely watch the crisis and prevent it from becoming real damage.
Daily ReportRecap of the current situation for further decision making.

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Social Listening SetupSuggesting the best tools & identifying the keywords/issues.
Real-time MonitoringKeep track of the SOV, sentiments & opinions by daily patrolling + instant WhatsApp alerts.
NeutralizationConverting the negative discussion into positive conversations.
Trends & AlertsFollow the latest trends and stop the future crisis, minimizing impacts.

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Ideation & StoryboardTell a beautiful story to touch your audiences effectively.
Video Full ProductionPre-production to post-production.
Social Campaign VideoBuild the centrepiece of your campaign.
Event Live Video & Post ProductionLeverage the good show to smart approach.
Aerial PhotographySee the unusual view.

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Workshops/Interest GroupsIntroduce your product from the light-hearted class.
Brand-building EventsIncrease the bonding of your brand.
Photography/Cultural TourInstall your brand message within tours.
Staff Training & School LecturesGear up and get ready for the 2020 game.
Overseas ToursFormulate a longer journey to engage with audience.

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