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Tai Wo Tung is rooted in Hong Kong for 100 years, well-famed with its cough and kidney products among the old generation. To expand its customer groups to the younger segment, we modernise the brand by giving it a vivid online identity. Our team run its Facebook with a local tone and ride on the hot topics in creating feed content. Other than daily photo feed, two social videos were created by our team featuring the stars Deon Cheung and Lenna Yeung. Massive positive responses are received upon the launch of the videos, undoubtedly pushing the brand awareness to a new height.

【女人35+.拒絕初老】女性35歲之後,不少初老症狀例如黑眼圈、面色暗黃、白髮、容易感到水腫疲憊等情況傾巢而出,但原來「腎」好,就可以做到真正凍齡,成為真正的美魔女,踢走一切初老態的症狀﹗想知城中當紅藝人楊卓娜Lenna Yeung Cheuk Na有咩秘密武器,可以多年來keep住白滑肌膚,絲毫未有老態現象?一齊睇睇楊卓娜嘅心得啦!去片!#太和洞 #腎虧#腎虧丸#無懼初老態#養腎抗衰老#百年養腎專方

太和洞藥廠發佈於 2018年10月10日星期三
【太和洞 x 腎虧丸特約:張松枝唔準諗!即刻答!你有無腎虧?】

【唔準諗!即刻答!你有無腎虧?】你以為男人腎虧就係等於「唔得」?又以為腎虧只係老友記先會有?咁諗就大錯特錯!究竟咩係腎虧?咩人係腎虧嘅高危一族?你對腎虧又有幾多認識﹖一齊同 張松枝 Deon Cheung 齊齊接受快問快答大挑戰啦!【太和洞】腎虧丸:https://www.taiwotung.com/home/products/hkp-03404/#太和洞 #腎虧 #腎虧丸 #無懼初老態

太和洞藥廠發佈於 2018年10月3日星期三
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